Kiteboarding in Kenton

//Kiteboarding in Kenton

Kiteboarding in Kenton

Kiteboarding (kitesurfing) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and enjoyed in the mouth of Kariega River and just down the road from Kenton-on-Sea is Cannon Rocks, a prime kitesurfing destination in South Africa. The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic is held annually in January and the festival attracts riders from all over the world.

The wind conditions offer two cross shore predominant winds that alternate. The best kiting season is from September to April, but it is possible to kite all year round.

From intermediate to advanced riders: Wave riding, Free ride, freestyle. Cannon Rocks has a spot for you.
Most used kite sizes 7m, 9m. Water temperature in season; between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius

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